Programmed Cleaning, INC.

Programmed Cleaning, Inc. was established in 1960 and has been serving Wisconsin communities ever since.  Our full-disclosure policy to clients displays our commitment to establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.  The focus of our Quality Assurance Program is to direct our Management and Supervision in an action plan to ensure we are meeting or exceeding client expectations.

Our approach to staffing and servicing accounts is unique to our industry.  We firmly believe the basis for cleaning consistency lies with our cleaners and on-site supervision.  All Programmed Cleaning Supervisors and On-Site Managers are empowered to make immediate decisions in the best interest of our clients.

Our Management Team
Terry Mayhall


Terry Mayhall joined Programmed Cleaning, INC. in 2009 as Vice-President and General Manager and in 2011 has stepped into his current position as President of Programmed Cleaning, INC. Terry brings to Programmed Cleaning 26 years of managerial and business experience.

Jack Medlock

Vice President/General Manager

Jack Medlock has worked at Programmed Cleaning, INC. for 20+ years as General Manager and recently was promoted to Vice President. Before working at Programmed Cleaning Jack serviced another janitorial firm for 6 years as Operations Manager. Jack’s experience and attention to customer service has been an important part of Programmed Cleaning’s success.

Steve Ogden

VP of Business Development

Steve Ogden joined Programmed Cleaning, INC. in July of 2013 as Business Development Manager. Steve brings 25 years janitorial industry experience and 8 years of property management experience. Steve is a multi-disciplined manager with extensive experience ranging from operational leadership, sales management, marketing programs and budgeting and planning.

Ann Chojnacki

Manager/VP of Administration

Ann Started with Programmed Cleaning, Inc. in 1974 as a Secretary. Her current role is Office Manager/VP of Administration. Her responsibilities include overseeing the office staff, implement administration policies, prepare and manage annual budgets and financial statements and contributes by effectively managing all financial tasks for the company.

Veronica Sosa

Human Resource Manager

Veronica Sosa joined Programmed Cleaning, INC. in 2014 as the Human Resource Manager. Veronica brings to Programmed Cleaning 15 years of Managerial and HR experience. A dedicated bilingual HR professional who has managed a full spectrum of human resources programs, services, and functions for small, medium, and large organizations. Resourceful, organized team player providing business partnerships and HR guidance to both management team and employees.